TERPHANE - José Bosco Silveira Jr - YouTube

Jose Bosco Silveira, Jr., president of Tredegar’s flexible packaging films business, also known as Terphane, discussed Terphane’s holistic efforts towards sustainability at Tredegar’s 2021 Annual Meeting. Terphane operates a sustainability model that addresses three pillars: Operations, Circular Economy, and Products/Solutions.


“We really take sustainability very seriously… at our plants we work massively to decrease the impact of what we do by reducing water, energy, waste, transport, all kinds of inefficiencies.”

Circular Economy

“We also support the circular economy with actions that reinforce the recyclability in the ecosystem that we are in.”


“We also develop more sustainable products and solutions… a great example is the Ecophane™ line that addresses a growing demand for films that guarantee the production of recyclable packaging with recyclable content.” As a “result of research and development… now we have a great variety of 10 different applications that use [Ecophane™].”

Terphane’s Ecophane™ line includes two product families:

  1. rPET, film produced with at least 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET resin.
  2. bPET, an innovative biodegradable film with technology that allows for degradation in landfill conditions.


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