In honor of Earth Day 2023 and our commitment to the environment, Tredegar celebrates all our employees and their ongoing efforts to support our sustainability goals throughout the company. Just a few recent activities included a local trash pick-up, electronics recycling, shredding events, and tree planting.

Volunteers from Bonnell Aluminum’s Newnan Plant and Division Office participated in a local tree planting event. Together with the city’s mayor and the nonprofit organization Plant Newnan, they worked on restoring the city’s tree canopy, which had been severely affected by the F5 tornado that struck that area on March 21, 2021.

Tredegar Surface Protection’s Pottsville plant participated in several Earth Day activities, including a local trash pick-up, electronics recycling day, and a shredding event.

In honor of Earth Day 2023, Terphane’s Bloomfield, NY plant volunteers cleaned up trash along the roadside in their local community.

Members of Tredegar’s corporate staff oversaw a full renovation of the company’s headquarters in Richmond over the last year. After occupying the space for over 30 years, lots of excess office supplies and furniture became available, and the corporate staff went to great lengths to avoid sending these items to the landfill. Several local non-profit organizations, schools, and individuals, including Sacred Heart Center, Oak Grove Bellemeade Elementary, and St. Andrews School, among others, were served by these efforts.