Arijit (Bapi) DasGupta, president of Tredegar’s Surface Protection business, spoke about efforts in meeting customer needs at Tredegar’s 2021 Annual Meeting.

Value Proposition

“Our value proposition, which is instantaneously recognized by our customers, is centered around improving their efficiencies and yields, and ensuring pristine quality for their products and for the final displays. All this translates to major savings for our customers and brings peace of mind.”

Continuous Innovation

“As you know, the technical evolution of displays has required increasing levels of performance and quality… continuous innovation to address these increasing performance requirements is a cornerstone of our business, along with industry leading quality and supply reliability.”


“Our strategic plan, Polaris, is focused on diversification of customers, markets and applications, increasing our new product vitality and speed to market, and operations excellence with year-upon-year productivity improvements… the common thread in all new applications is the requirement for high performing displays and high quality. And this continuously reinforces our value proposition and leadership in the market.”

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